21 Medical Device – Fen Energia Group is a company founded in 2016 to provide services and products in the health sector, in Italy and abroad, through a specialized sales network.
21 Medical Device is the brainchild of several managers and entrepreneurs that come from the healthcare sector, with thirty years of experience in the field of public and private healthcare system in Italy and abroad.
21 Medical Device’s mission is to become a commercial benchmark against the medical device industry and a bridge to the B2B markets for Italian and foreign companies, thanks to its important network of relationships and to the professionalism and reliability of its promoters.
21 Medical Device is committed to look for solutions and products which hold innovative features and exclusivity.

21 Medical Device’s challenge is to set up an Italian company able to strive for a leadership status on the markets in which it operates: Italy, Middle East and China attracting the major companies in its sector.


Fen Energia is a company that specializes in managing energy and technology services, both for public bodies and private customers. The company has several years’ experience in designing, implementing and managing energy-efficiency measures and consumption optimization, also through the use of renewable energies.

Fen Energia is structured as an industrial holding company with headquarters in Milan, Piancogno (BS), Rome and Lugano (CH) and several operating branches throughout Italy, run by a number of subsidiaries (around 40) which are autonomous and responsible for any individual business line.

On Fen Energia holding depend strategic, development, coordination, monitoring and funding activities.

Fen Energia’s mission is to pursue a sustainable and balanced development from an economic, social and environmental standpoint.

Areas of expertise

Interventional Cardiology

Interventional Radiology/Vascular

Interventional Oncology




Training support

21 MEDICAL DEVICE offers its customers a continuous presence and a constant support. Its staff of engineers and specialists pays special attention to physicians and surgical teams at every stage: learning and implementing procedures and organization in the use of the devices within the operating rooms. We provide continuous training to professional users, anesthesiologists, operating room nurses, assistants at the operating table, orderlies, nursing aides and sterile processing technicians.

Technical assistance is guaranteed by a team of specialized professionals able to intervene in a timely and efficient way.

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Headquarters and contacts


Via Malipiero, 20 – 20138 Milan
info@21md.it | tel. +39 02/5543001 – fax +39 02/55430049


Branch offices

Via Nazionale, 2B – 20025 Piancogno (Bs)
Via Caprera, 5 – 25125 Brescia
Via Aurelia, 346 – 00165 Rome
Via Balestra, 33 – 6901 Lugano (CH)